Edinburgh Music Lovers

Our vision    

With various new venues in the pipeline, we believe Edinburgh's music scene is about to hit an upward curve over the next 5-10 years. 

Our vision is to work with others to champion Edinburgh as one of the most exciting cities for music in the UK and beyond. By others we mean those who are already doing great things for Edinburgh's music scene, along with the council, local business and local and national marketing, event and tourism bodies that have a vested interest in promoting the city.

While Edinburgh has plenty to celebrate around music, we feel that, for a capital city with an international reputation for culture, festivals and tourism, it has the potential to be even better. 


Edinburgh Music Lovers

Our approach

Our aim is to create a platform for music in Edinburgh and be a driving force in its development. To do that, we'll wear various hats.

As a start-up boutique music promoter for Edinburgh, we'll stage some eclectic music events across the city. We'll also curate and programme interesting music experiences for others.

Through our blog and social media, we'll also create a platform to showcase music in Edinburgh and share content about music in Edinburgh with our community.

On a wider level, we'll campaign and collaborate with others, especially those who have been driving music forwards for years before we came along, to nurture a culture in Edinburgh where music thrives and is seen as a valuable asset to the city.




Music and mental health

Along with supporting Edinburgh's music scene, we also aim to do some good in the world by raising awareness of, and funds for, mental health. 

We believe music can play a powerful role in people's wellbeing and in the discussion around the topic of mental health.

If we can help just a tiny bit in this area, we'll be very happy.


Edinburgh Music Lovers

Jim Byers, director 

I'm a 40-something husband, father and music lover from Edinburgh.

I started out as a music journalist, first in Edinburgh, then in London. For several years, I was lucky enough to travel the world writing about music. At one point, I was a minor league DJ and club promoter.

For the last 10 years or so, I've worked in communications, marketing and PR - first in Glasgow, more recently back in Edinburgh.

With Edinburgh Music Lovers, I'm joining the dots between my love of music, my professional skills and my knowledge of Edinburgh.

Mental health is a topic close to my heart - from my dad's suicide when I was 10, to my own struggles with depression. Music has always helped me and I hope it can help others.